Cox’s Bazar airport expansion work materials are being used in CUC work!

Shahjahan Chowdhury Shahin, Cox’s Bazar 17 April :

Different organizations, different budgets. As the contracting company is the same, the construction materials for the Cox’s Bazar airport expansion work are being used in different companies. A contractor named NDE is constantly taking out various construction materials including sand and soil stored for runway expansion work at the airport.
Under the Cox’s Bazar Development Authority (CUC), the work of two organizations using construction materials of the Civil Aviation Authority for development works including road repairs is going on slowly.
The suffering of the people is increasing.The airport, which is under security cordon, has also become unprotected due to the constant supply of construction materials outside.
It is learned that various development works including construction of international terminal and construction of buildings are underway at Cox’s Bazar Airport under the Civil Aviation Authority. Construction materials including soil and sand were stored inside the airport runway for the airport expansion work.
A contractor named NDE is smuggling construction materials kept inside the security fence in parallel day and night.
As a result, the expansion of the airport is slowing down. For this reason, there is no end to the anger in all quarters.
Meanwhile, the same contractor is also implementing road repairs, badges, culverts, construction of drains and expansion of water supply lines in the tourist town under the Cox’s Bazar Development Authority.
All work at the airport is done by the side office inside the airport.
The airport has also been using the airport space for storage of all construction materials and other purposes including vehicles.
The airport stored millions of cubic feet of dredged sand, soil collected in various ways, crores of rupees of concrete, rods, cement inside the runway for use in the expansion work of the airport.
Now those construction materials are being used in the development work of Cox’s Bazar Development Authority (CUC).
According to the locals, the stability of the road is being ruined due to the use of heavy vehicles to transport construction materials including soil and sand on various roads of Cox’s Bazar city including Cox’s Bazar Airport Road. Ordinary people, including pedestrians, are at extreme risk due to the reckless movement of vehicles used to transport sand and soil. Billions of rupees are being looted by using the goods of one government organization in another organization including road repairs being implemented by the Cox’s Bazar Development Authority.
In this regard, Cox’s Bazar Airport Manager.When contacted, Md Abdullah al Faruq said, “I am not aware of any incident of taking out the goods stored inside the airport.”However, he said that he would take the news about this.
According to security analysts, there is also a project director to oversee the airport work. There is also a manager for the airport.However, due to their lack of supervision, the airport expansion work has been used by different organizations and the supply of construction materials has been constantly supplied outside the airport.
It may be mentioned that under the runway expansion project to operate nighttime flights at Cox’s Bazar Airport, the government acquired Jale Park in Old Oyster Market, Cox’s Bazar City, 17 ECB area, Beach Para behind Balika Madrasa and relocated the residents of those areas with compensation.
However, without inviting any tender, 17 ECB installations near the jail park, beach behind the girls’ madrasa, paved roads, various structures and old construction materials of mosques in the eviction area, bricks, concrete, iron rods and other old goods worth around Tk 20 lakh were sold to the traders. Airport Assistant Engineer Sohail Rana. And the old goods of these installations have been smuggled openly through mini trucks.

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